Beaches Eye Center offers complete care for your eyes with same day, on-time appointments. Dr. Richard Ten Hulzen uses advanced diagnostic treatment and surgical techniques on patients of all ages, performing anything from a complete eye exam to surgery for cataracts and glaucoma.

Beaches Eye Center accepts most insurances. Our hours are 9-5 p.m.

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Dr. Ten Hulzen
  • ● Complete Eye Exams
  • ● All Eye Disorders
  • ● Prescription Glasses & Contacts
  • ● Full-spectrum Glaucoma Care
  • ● Cataract Surgery
  • ● Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures

Dr. Ten Hulzen is a fellowship-trained, board-certified ophthalmologist (eye physician and surgeon). He earned his medical degree from Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota - home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic. Also, watch First Coast News' Medical Mondays featuring Dr. Ten Hulzen. Read more . . .

Dr. Ten Hulzen Performs Surgery

Read what Dr. Ten Hulzen’s patients are saying about him:
“Everything’s brighter. Everything’s clearer. Everything’s crisper — it’s a new world for me. The doctor basically gave me my life back.”